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Boiler Feed Pumps

Our Data Showed 95% of Boiler Feedwater Pumps at Risk.


See How Trico’s Solution Can Help Prevent Bearing Failure in Harsh Environments.

Losing a boiler feedwater pump due to bearing failure could cost thousands in downtime and replacement – and it only gets worse if you lose the boiler because the pump failed.

So, when a recent analysis by Trico of 12 months of oil sampling data from the bearings on boiler feed pumps at three power generation plants showed 95% had threateningly high levels of water and particulate contamination, we decided to do something about it.


Why the Boiler Feed Pump Problem Is So Pervasive.

Boiler feedwater pumps need to “breathe,” equalizing pressure when air expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations or startup/shutdown situations.

Especially in harsh, hot, high-humidity environments, this breathing allows ingression of moisture and particulates into the oil inside the pump. Does your plant fall into this category? When you consider that about 80% of bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems such as contamination, the need to close ingression paths is clear.


How the Trico Protection Kit Solves the Problem.

The protection kit we put together consists of proven components configured specifically to keep the air and oil clean and dry inside boiler feedwater pumps. It also includes a location for simple, effective oil sampling to help ensure you’re getting the right results.

Here’s what we heard from one of the first plants to install this Kit:

“The modifications on #2 boiler feedwater pump allowed us to catch a bearing that was starting to fail, and was replaced before it damaged the shaft and brought the boiler down.  I can’t wait to get more of these kits installed!”


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You’ll see the kit of proven components we’ve configured to help prevent contamination and bearing failure.